About Kvika

Kvika is a specialized bank focusing on asset management and investment services

The bank places emphasis on developing long term partnerships with clients through responsive and versatile services. See Kvika's strategy.

Targeted range of services

Kvika focuses on specific groups and clients, emphasizing exceptional, tailor-made services. The bank's size enables it to adapt to its environment with the aim of maintaining profitability and customer service. The bank is prepared to make use of its infrastructure and balance sheet to generate income, e.g. by utilizing its loan processes to loan in tandem with other lenders.

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking finances enterprises and the investments of the bank’s clients. Corporate Banking also makes use of the bank's expertise and network to broker loans to other institutional investors.

Asset and Fund Management 

Asset and Fund Management emphasizes offering clients a broad range of services for investing in Iceland as well as on foreign markets. The aim is to provide the best asset and fund management services, guided by clients’ long-term interests.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets offers clients comprehensive securities brokerage and FX market services.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance provides various types of advisory services in connection with investments and financing. The principal focus is on corporate acquisitions and divestments, as well as initial public offerings.


A long-term focus is the core of Kvika's strategy. Establishing reliable business relations takes time. Emphasis is placed on servicing current clients and on repeat business, making clients’ interests the first priority.

Profitability and risk appetite

A bank’s return on equity is the result of the decisions it takes. Those decisions need to be consistent with its risk appetite. The risk appetite reflects the bank's profitability target: Kvika emphasizes making the most efficient use of its balance sheet resources considering the risk involved.

The bank's objective is to achieve a return on equity of at least 15%. The return consists of revenue generated from its balance sheet plus commissions from activities which tie up minimum capital.

The goal is to pay dividends amounting to at least 25% of profits. Dividends are, however, dependent on an assessment of the opportunities which are available for reinvestment of earnings in operations and the bank’s growth. Decisions on balance sheet structure are taken based on optimal capital utilization for revenue generation, but limited by the bank's risk appetite and funding at any given time.

Social Responsibility

The bank's aim is to have a positive, long-term impact on the community, with particular emphasis on education.

Kvika can have a major impact on the society in which it operates. One aspect of this is special emphasis on positively influencing the development and efficiency of financial markets. See more about Kvika's Social Responsibility here.