Terms and Conditions for use of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or other smart device when you visit Kvika's web portal for the first time. The next time you visit the website using the same device, the portal remembers you and how you used the site.

Kvika uses cookies in order to improve the functionality of the web portal and provide better service to users. Our policy is to use cookies responsibly. Cookies enable Kvika to tailor its web to the needs of users, for example, to save user settings, to process statistical information, to analyse traffic on the website or for marketing purposes.

Necessary cookies (First-party cookies)

Necessary cookies utilise website characteristics which are needed for the portal to function as intended. Necessary cookies are first-party cookies that are used exclusively by Kvika. These include, for example, cookies that check whether the user is logged on to the website or which particular user preferences have been selected.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies that result from the actions of a party other than the operator of the site you are visiting, a party affiliated with Kvika or who provides it with services.  Third-party cookies allow these parties to recognise your device again and are created by processes and services used by the bank.

Third-party cookies are used to analyse the website traffic to develop and improve the services available on the website by gaining insight into its use and facilitating the search for a particular item.

Kvika's handling of personal data

Kvika hf. has adopted a Personal Data Protection Policy that is available on the bank's website https://www.kvika.is/asset/2337/2018-07-13-personal protection policy_kviku.pdf

All personal data originating from the use of cookies will be handled and processed in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 90/2018, on the Privacy and Processing of Personal Data. Kvika pledges that such data will not be processed for purposes other than those mentioned above, and that data will not be preserved for longer than is necessary for the specific purpose. Personal data will not be disclosed to a third party unless otherwise required by law.

How do I manage cookies?

Bear in mind that third parties, such as on-line marketing or analytics services, also use cookies. Information on their use of cookies can be found on their websites.

Users can block cookies by changing their browser settings. By doing so, users can withdraw their consent to the use of cookies. Note, however, that if all cookies are blocked, including the necessary cookies, it will affect the functionality of the website.

More information on how to configure cookies on different browsers can be found here. *

Below is an explanation of what cookies Kvika uses on its web portal, their purpose and expiration date:

* Kvika is not responsible for content appearing on this site.