CSR Policy


Emphasis on long-term thinking is one of our core company values and our policy is to have a long-term positive impact on the community, i.e. when decisions are being made, long-term effects are always taken into account, whether they concern the internal matters of the bank or our customers.

This CSR policy encapsulates our shared vision for the bank’s priorities when it comes to social issues, where we are headed and what our obligations are.

This policy shall be reviewed at least once every four years.

Investments and business practices

Long-term thinking is important as it takes time for solid business relationships to develop. We emphasise guaranteeing professionalism in all our dealings and ensuring that all decisions take into account the values of the bank.

We place great importance on working in harmony with the community by, among other things, bearing in mind the environment and good corporate governance in the operations of the bank. The private equity funds managed by Kvika and its subsidiaries are influential investors that emphasise systematically supporting executives by striving to improve the management and performance of companies owned by the funds. Kvika encourages the companies to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, adhere to good business practices and corporate governance, ensure diversification in their management and take environmental issues into account. We support sustainable development and aim to be leaders in the supply of sustainable investment options to our customers.


Future prosperity is rooted in education and we believe that it is the best long-term investment that individuals and communities can make. In our opinion, societies that are driven by ingenuity and innovation will be leading in the near future and education will therefore be one of the cornerstones of the community. We believe education is a fundamental element to women’s ongoing fight for equal rights, in protecting children from child labour and sexual abuse, as well as in promoting human rights and democracy, and supporting the protection of the environment. This is why we have placed particular emphasis on supporting education.

We realise that by focusing on areas that relate to the bank’s operations - with particular emphasis on having a positive impact on the development and functionality of financial markets - this will have the biggest impact on the community. We strive to find ways to better mobilise investors in Iceland by developing more diversified investment options, both for those who are already involved in the securities market as well as new investors. We also want to have an active role in the debate about the financial market.

In addition to the principal priorities above, we seek to support various other issues that promote positive social development in the form of collaboration and small grants.

Human Resources

We want the bank to be an attractive workplace where all employees are given equal opportunities. Our workplace is characterised by flexibility, good management, cooperation, team spirit, employee initiatives, equal opportunities and a reliable, healthy and positive environment.

We guarantee professionalism in all our dealings, ensuring that all decisions take into account the long-term thinking value of the bank.


We emphasise minimising any possible negative effects that the operations of the bank may have on the environment and utilising various means to save energy in the offices of the bank, limiting unnecessary printing and encouraging recycling etc.

We also encourage the use of eco-friendly modes of transport and taking advantage of teleconferencing equipment when possible, rather than travelling for meetings.

Kvika ESG Report for 2019 can be found here.