E-mail disclaimer

This disclaimer is a part of an email you have received from Kvika banki hf. The contents of the email and its attachments may be confidential and/or private and subject to statutory provisions on confidentiality. The contents are intended solely for the addressee or addressees of the email.

The information in the email shall not be delivered to any third party. This applies whether you are the addressee of the email or have received this email by mistake. Kvika banki hf. notes that any disclosure, reproduction or distribution of the contents of the email by you is prohibited and may be in violation of law. If you are not the correct recipient of the email we ask you to please inform its sender that you have received this email by a mistake, and immediately delete the email and its attachments, if any, without storing a copy, cf. Article 47(9) of Act No. 81/2003 on Electronic Communications.

Kvika banki hf. is not responsible or liable for the wrong or incomplete communication of the contents of the email, a delay in its delivery or any damage occurring to your computer systems from receiving the email. Kvika banki hf. does not warrant the email or guarantee that it is free from viruses, malware or that no intrusion or interference of a third party has occurred to the email.

Information on companies or financial instruments are set forth on an informational basis and are not a recommendation or solicitation to buy, hold or sell any security or to take any investment decision. 

Recording of telephone calls, storage of data

In the interests of the security of our clients and the Bank, and as a means of correcting potential misunderstandings, the client is aware that all business telephone calls to the Bank may be recorded without explicit statement of this fact each time. The same applies to conversations through Office Communicator.

Telephone recordings are made in accordance with authorisations contained in the Electronic Communications Act, no. 81/2003.

The client is aware that such recorded conversations may be submitted in evidence during the course of legal proceedings and/or used as evidence in other circumstances in the event of a dispute regarding the substance of communications between the contracting parties; e.g., as regards the conditions and/or execution of a transaction. In other respects, the Bank shall treat recorded telephone conversations in the same way as other information subject to confidentiality pursuant to Articles 58-60 of the Act on Financial Undertakings, no. 161/2002.

All data, of any type whatsoever, containing information on clients' transactions and the execution of such transactions are preserved at the Bank for at least five years.

Kvika is not liable for any transactions undertaken on the basis of information from this website.

Data protection

Kvika has adopted a data protection policy in accordance with Act No. 90/2018 on Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data. The policy specifies which personal data Kvika may collect, for what purpose, how long the data can be stored, who it may be passed on to and how the secuity of the data is guaranteed. Further, the policy specifies the right of the customer in connection with the processing of the customer’s personal data, including the customers right to request a copy of their personal data collected by Kvika.

Any questions regarding data protection can be directed to Kvika’s data protection officer by email personuvernd@kvika.is.