Kvika Asset Management

Kvika has an established reputation in asset management and offers products covering all major asset classes, including fixed-income securities, equities and real estate in both domestic and international markets.

Asset Management

Our goal is to be the partner of choice for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors alike. The bank aims to meet this goal by offering outstanding services and strong long-term performance. Kvika is an excellent choice for investors seeking consistent first-rate returns on their portfolios. 

Private Banking

Private banking is a part of Kvika's service offering within the asset management division. Private banking provides comprehensive financial and wealth management services to individuals and medium-sized companies and institutions.

Within private banking, customers can choose between active management or investment advice, depending on their willingness to engage actively in investment decisions.

For further information, please contact our asset management team by phone at +354 522 0010 or by e-mail privatebanking@kvikaeignastyring.is

Private equity

Kvika is one of the most experienced managers of private equity funds in Iceland having launched the first fund in February 2008. Kvika currently manges three private equity funds, Auður I slf., Edda slhf. and Freyja slhf.

Our private equity funds are active investors that focus on working with and supporting managers to improve the operations of portfolio companies.  Kvika takes an active role in strategy development through board participation with the aim of maximizing long-term value.

The companies invested in are encouraged to show social responsibility, adopt good corporate governance and consider environmental issues in their day-to-day operations.