The Community

Future prosperity is rooted in education and we believe that it is the best long-term investment that individuals and communities can make. In our opinion, societies that are driven by ingenuity and innovation will lead the way in the near future, and education will therefore be one of the cornerstones of the community and a key factor contributing to sustainability. We also believe education is a fundamental aspect of women´s ongoing struggle for equal rights, in protecting children from child labour and sexual abuse, as well as in promoting human rights, democracy and supporting the protection of the environment. This is why we have placed particular emphasis on supporting education, in part through Kvika´s Incentive Fund. Kvika also operates the charity fund FrumkvodlaAudur, which has the main objective to incentivise young women to entrepreneurial activities and actions.

We realise that focusing on areas that relate to the bank´s operations – with particular emphasis on having a positive impact on the development and functionality of financial markets – will have a greater impact on the community. We strive to find ways to better mobilise investors in Iceland, by developing more diversified investment options, both for those who are already involved in the securities market as well as new investors. We also want to take an active part in the debate on financial markets.


Kvika has since 2017 been a member of the Icelandic Center for Sustainability - Festa, which encourages co-operation and action in the field of CSR. Kvika is also UNICEF´s main partner in Iceland in the field of banking services and a benefactor of its World Parents. 

In addition to the principal priorities mentioned above, we seek to support various other issues that promote positive social development in the form of collaboration and smaller grants.