22. Dec 2021

Kvika and Klappir Green Solutions sign a letter of intent to establish a Climate Fund.

The purpose of establishing the fund is to create a platform for investors to come together and...

11. Nov 2021

Financial results for the First Nine Months of 2021

Very Good Performance of All Divisions

25. Oct 2021

Kvika to acquire majority share in Ortus Secured Finance Ltd.

Kvika banki hf. has agreed heads of terms with the shareholders and the management team of Ortus...

21. Oct 2021

Earnings higher than expected and changes in the management team of TM

Continued low combined ratio of TM and return on financial assets above expectations

12. Oct 2021

Kvika publishes a green financing framework for the first time

Kvika has published a Green Financing Framework, which frames the Bank´s policy on green financing...

26. Aug 2021

Financial Results for the First Half of 2021 and a new Earnings Estimate

Very Good Performance of All Divisions

24. Aug 2021

Kvika Bank has received a commendation of good governance for the year 2020

Kvika Bank has received a commendation of good governance for the year 2020.

05. Jul 2021

UNICEF Iceland and Kvika Renew Partnership Agreement

Kvika Bank and UNICEF signed a two-year partnership agreement

06. Apr 2021

Marinó Örn Tryggvason and Sigurður Viðarsson rang the opening bell at Nasdaq Iceland

Opening bell at Nasdaq Iceland on the first day of trading

22. Mar 2021

Kvika has acquired all shares in Aur app ehf.

Kvika has today completed the acquisition of 100% shares in Aur app ehf.

09. Mar 2021

Conditioned approval by FME for the merger of Kvika, TM and Lykill

Application for companies merger approved.

17. Feb 2021

Financial Results of Kvika banki hf. for 2020

Good results and growth in all income streams

25. Jan 2021

Kvika’s acquisition of Netgíró completed

Kvika Bank has completed its acquisition of 80% of shares in Netgíró from Alva Capital.

16. Dec 2020

Kvika in a leading position on the Icelandic Stock Exchange.

Kvika held a leading position in bond trading on the Icelandic Stock Exchange

12. Nov 2020

Financial results for the first nine months of 2020

Good results and strong growth in fee and commission income

11. Nov 2020

Kvika banki hf. will publish its Q3 financial results on12 November 2020

Kvika banki hf. will publish its financial results for the third quarter of 2020

28. Sep 2020

Kvika party to a memorandum of agreement regarding sustainable development investments

Kvika is now party to a memorandum of agreement regarding sustainable development investments that...

01. Sep 2020

Kvika's asset management operations merged to form a single company Kvika Asset Management

One of the largest asset and fund management companies in Iceland

24. Aug 2020

Kvika Bank has received a commendation of good governance for the year 2019

Kvika Bank has received a commendation of good governance for the year 2019.

17. Jul 2020

Kvika in strategic tie up with Columbia Threadneedle investments

Kvika has entered into a partnership with Columbia Threadneedle investments a leading global asset...

08. Jun 2020

Kvika’s UK subsidiary appointed investment manager of two British secured loan funds

KKV Investment Management Ltd has finalised Investment Management Agreements with two British...

30. Apr 2020

Kvika expands its asset management operations in the UK

KKV Investment Management Ltd., a subsidiary of Kvika Securities Ltd., Kvika banki hf.´s...

07. Apr 2020

Withdrawal of private pension savings due to COVID-19

Withdrawal of your private pensions savings due to COVID-19 is allowed from the 1st of April 2020...

08. Jan 2020

Bank of the Year 2019

Kvika has been awarded Bank of the Year 2019 by the Banker for the second time in a row

03. Oct 2019

Listing and public offering of shares in Iceland Seafood International

Kvika banki is the Listing Advisor and Manager of the Offering for Iceland Seafood International‘s...

02. Sep 2019

Gamma, Jupiter and the asset management activites of Kvika are merging

The Board of Directors of Kvika has decided to merge all the asset and fund management activities...

08. Jul 2019

Changes in Management of Kvika

A few changes have been made to the management team of Kvika banki.

27. May 2019

Earnings release for Q1 2019

The earnings forecast of the bank for 2019 has been revised in light of the results of the first...

27. May 2019

Marinó Örn Tryggvason new CEO of Kvika

The Board of Directors of the bank has appointed Marinó Örn Tryggvason new CEO of Kvika.

28. Mar 2019

Kvika to the Main Market

Today Kvika started trading of its shares on the Main Market of Nasdaq Iceland.

15. Mar 2019

FREYJA acquires a 49% stake in Ísmar ehf.

The FREYJA equity fund, which is managed by Kvika banki, has acquired a 49% holding in Ísmar ehf...

12. Mar 2019

Auður, daughter of Kvika

Auður offers savings accounts for individuals with 4% interest.

07. Mar 2019

Kvika acquires GAMMA

All of the conditions for the acquisition have now been fulfilled.

06. Mar 2019

New incentive fund for student teachers

The objective of this new incentive fund for student teachers is to promote the discussion and...

28. Feb 2019

Kvika increases its profit

Kvika increases its profit by 10%. The greatest growth was in income from asset management...

23. Jan 2019

Kvika completes second closing in FREYJA

The total size of the fund is ISK 8 billion. The shareholders of Freyja are mainly the countries...

22. Jan 2019

Kvika granted broader operating licence in the UK

The British Financial Conduct Authority has granted a subsidiary of Kvika Bank hf., Kvika...

03. Dec 2018

Kvika increases funding for OSF II in the UK

Kvika, and its subsidiary in the UK, have concluded a GBP 12.5 million increase in funding for the...

19. Nov 2018

Kvika signs contract to acquire GAMMA

Kvika Banki and the shareholders of GAMMA Capital Management have signed a contract for the...

03. Oct 2018

Kvika leads a group of investors investing in healthcare companies in the UK

Kvika has completed an investment project in the UK in which it led a group of domestic and foreign...

02. Jul 2018

Kvika establishes new private equity fund

Kvika has completed the funding and foundation of a new private equity fund named FREYJA. The total...

30. May 2018

Kvika in parnership with Amundi Asset Management - increased services on global markets

Kvika has signed a collaboration agreement with Amundi Asset Management regarding the sale of their...

22. Mar 2018

Kvika main sponsor of the Icelandic Opera

Kvika and the Icelandic Opera have signed an agreement making Kvika the main sponsor of the...

16. Mar 2018

Kvika listed on First North Iceland

Trading in Kvika’s shares started on First North Iceland today. Kvika is the first bank to...

13. Mar 2018

Publication of a Company Description

Publication of a Company Description and approval of admission to trading on the First North market...

13. Mar 2018

Publication of Kvika Bank's Company Description

Kvika banki has published a company description in relation to the proposed admission to trading...

12. Mar 2018

Kvika’s Incentive Fund

The Incentive Fund is a cooperation project between Kvika and the Federation of Icelandic...

17. Nov 2017

Kvika and Virding merge

Kvika banki and Virding merged at the end day today and the merged company will open on Monday...

09. Nov 2017

LYFJA HF. open sale process

The corporate advisory division of Kvika Banki, on behalf of Lindarhvol ehf., announces that Lyfja...

20. Jun 2017

Bjarki Sigurðsson joins Kvika

Bjarki Sigurðsson has joined Kvika's private banking team. Bjarki has extensive banking experience,...

20. Jun 2017

Kvika makes an offer to purchase all share capital of Virðing

Kvika's Board of Directors has submitted an offer to acquire all share capital in Virðing hf...

17. Jun 2017

Kvika completes auction of bills

Kvika banki hf. has concluded an offering of 6-month bills in the new series KVB 17 1221.